How to Make the Most of Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Google Text Ads Blog 6.9.16

Google is in the process of making the biggest change to their AdWords text ads platform since the introduction of Google’s Quality Score in 2005. The new change comes in the form of their expanded text ads. Earlier this year, Google removed ads from the right side of the search results page, which removed valuable real state for advertisers. With expanded text ads, Google will be giving advertisers a valuable new way to increase click through rate (CTR).

Here’s what you need to know about this important development to their ads:

What exactly are the new expanded text ads?

The name says it all – text ads have been expanded to include almost double the amount of text. Headlines used to be limited to one line of 25 characters. The new format will allow for two lines composed of 30 characters each. Also, the description line will grow from 70 characters to 80 characters. Lastly, the display URL will be able to be appended with two directories instead of one (for example,  These format changes replace the format that has been used for over a decade.

Google Text Ads Blog 2 6.9.16

Why is this important to advertisers?

Text ads are some of the most effective ads in the AdWords platform because your ad is guaranteed to match with the searcher’s intent. For example, your advertisement for the white T-shirts you are selling will display specifically for people already searching for white tee’s. The new expanded text ads will give you double the text to convince searchers to click on your advertisement. Also, the new display URL format will allow for more organic-looking URLs which will help increase CTR.

When does this change happen?

Google does not have an exact date for the release of expanded text ads; however, they are expected to roll out the new feature later this year. The feature is currently being used in a closed beta test.

Google Text Ads Blog 3 6.9.16

How can you take advantage of the new format?

Early beta tests have shown a 20% increase in click through rate, so getting the new format right could be a boom to your web traffic. Regardless of the new format, the best way to ensure your text ad performs well is by increasing your Quality Score. The format of the expanded text ad will make positions one through three even more valuable since everything else will be pushed even lower. A high Quality Score is critical to get your ad in one of the top three spots. The increase in text also changes how you approach ad copy. You will now have the ability to add considerably more enticing text, so be sure to experiment with different messaging to see what performs best.

The changes to the text ad format can be considered as reconciliation to advertisers after Google removed advertising space on the search engine results page earlier this year. With the prospect of increased CTR that the expanded text ads offer, you should be eager to revamp your text ads as soon as the change becomes available to the public.