Preparing Your Home for Summer

Preparing Your Home for Summer 1

As summer approaches, everyone starts to shift their concerns from staying warm to cooling off. Some of the steps you take to stay warm while keeping energy costs down could cause you problems when the summer arrives. For example, if you are still using thermal sheets in the summer because you did not change them over after the winter ended, then you are forcing yourself to use more energy to cool your home at night. These are the types of details you need to worry about as you prepare your home for summer.

With a little attention to detail, you can keep your home cool without boosting your energy bills. It only takes a few days to go through the checklist of things you need to do to make sure that your house is ready to take on summer, and the results will be well worth the effort.

Preparing Your Home for Summer 2

Check Your Insulation

If your insulation is several years old and has never been replaced, then this summer is the time to replace it. Good insulation will reduce the work load on your air conditioner, and keep your operating costs down. When you reduce how much your air conditioner has to work, you also reduce the risk of overwhelming your home’s electrical wiring and creating a fire hazard. Check your insulation and add more if it is needed, or replace your insulation if it is old.

Open the Windows

Preparing Your Home for Summer 3

On days where the temperature is moderate and there is a nice breeze, you should turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. You will help to refresh the air in your home, and you will reduce your energy usage.

Ventilate Your Roof

The vents you see on roofs work in conjunction with the vented overhangs to get good airflow through the attic and under the roof. A roof that is not ventilated can exceed temperatures of 100 degrees during the summer, and cause your air conditioner to work overtime. Get a professional roofer to check out your roof and make sure it is properly ventilated.

Get Some Fans

On those days where the heat and humidity are high but not unbearable, then utilizing fans instead of your air conditioning will save you money. You may want to consider getting some decorative ceiling fans installed in the main rooms of your home to add some functionality to your home’s interior decor.

Protect Your Windows

When the sun is beating down on your home, then close the curtains or shades in your windows to prevent the temperature in your home from going up. If you install awnings over your windows, then you can still allow natural light to get into your home without having the effects of direct sunlight. If you prefer a more natural barrier, then plant some trees or high bushes outside of your windows to block the sunlight.

Get Your Air Conditioner Looked Over

The money you would spend on having a professional technician inspect your air conditioner before summer begins will pay for itself in energy efficiency. A technician can change your filters, and clean out your air conditioner properly so that you can keep your operating costs as low as possible.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to set a higher temperature when you are not home so that you use less energy. You can also use your thermostat to make your home coolest only at night to make sleeping easier, but without running the air conditioner at those lower temperatures all day long.

Move the Heat

Preparing Your Home for Summer 4

Anything that generates heat while it is running should be moved away from your thermostat to prevent the heat from these devices from triggering your air conditioner. It is important that you give your thermostat all of the space it needs to get accurate readings to prevent unnecessarily increasing your energy usage.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

Over the course of the winter, people tend to allow items to pile up in their refrigerators and freezers. When you overload your refrigerator, it has to work harder to keep food cold. When you add in the higher temperatures during the summer, then you have a recipe for disaster. As part of your summer preparations, you need to clean out your refrigerator and keep it clean during the warmer months.

When you do your spring cleaning, you should also give plenty of thought to the warmer summer months that are on the way. With a little extra preparation, you can keep your home cool this summer without paying a fortune for energy bills.