5 Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company 1

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, but a little planning ahead of time can make the moving day much less agonizing. Moving yourself is always a great option if you have the ability, time and fortitude.  However, some moves require the help of professionals. So how do you find a reputable moving company that you can trust to handle all of your worldly possessions?

1) Determine the Scope of Your Move

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company 2

Are you going to pack yourself, or do you want the moving company to pack for you? If you’re going to pack yourself, be sure to factor in the time and cost associated with packing and packing supplies. Are you moving across the street or across the country? While local moving companies might be the best option for smaller moves, you will want to hire a national moving company for interstate moves.

2) Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

You know your family and friends will give you an honest evaluation of their experience. They will let you know if they felt they overpaid for mediocre service or if they built an excellent rapport with the moving company they selected. There is a reason word-of-mouth advertising is the most sought after for businesses. Happy customers will share their experience which breeds new business.

3) Check the Reviews and Ratings

First and foremost, make sure the moving company is licensed and insured. Different states have different requirements, but check with an official agency to make sure the moving company is legitimate.  Once that checks out, be sure to verify the moving company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.

4) Request an In-Home Estimate

Most moving companies will offer free in-home estimates. Be sure to be very specific about everything you want moved. For example, don’t forget to include the BBQ grill in the backyard or the storage items in the basement. The estimate should be in writing and it should include details of all of the charges. Make sure you get a copy of the written estimate and don’t sign anything if you are uncertain about it.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Sometimes the simple questions are the most informative: how long have you been in business? Are you licensed and insured? Are you active in the community? And so on. In addition to the simple questions, a lot of moving contracts contain complicated legal language. Make sure to ask questions about the insured value of your belongings and any fees/surcharges not included in the estimate.

With a little bit of research and prudence prior to your move, you can help ensure the move itself runs as smooth and painless as possible. The last thing you want on top of a stressful day of moving is careless movers or a surprise charge on your final bill. Taking away the anxiety surrounding moving opens up the possibility of actually enjoying the exciting new change in your life.

If you live in Oregon check out Oregon Department of Transportation’s website for legal movers. In Washington you can find the similar information on the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission website.


25 thoughts on “5 Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

  1. My fiancee and I are going to be moving into a new house soon. I am thinking about hiring a moving company to get my things out of my apartment. However, I am not sure how much it will cost to have them do it. So, I like that you talked about in home estimates that most companies do. That seem like it would give me the move accurate information about the cost.

  2. Requesting an in-home estimate is a really great idea. A company can’t know exactly what to expect until they see your stuff and then they can price appropriately. I know I have a lot of oddly shaped and heavy items, so I’ll have to call a moving company and see what they think. Thanks for the tips and advice!

  3. Great tip about checking reviews and ratings. That sounds like a great way to find a company that treats all their customers well. My husband and I want to move soon and plan to hire a moving service. I will be sure to check reviews online before deciding on a company.

  4. I have a lot of heavy furniture that needs to be moved out of my apartment, so I feel that hiring a moving company would make the process easier for my family. Requesting an in-home estimate seems like a great tip that I should consider when looking into different services. Getting an estimate in writing of how much it should cost to move my arm chairs, couch, beds, kitchen tables, desks, and bedside tables will help me know right away how much I should be charged. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I am moving in the next few months across the country and wanted to hire a moving company. I like how you mentioned to ask my family and friends for recommendations on what moving company to hire. I will have to ask them who they have used in the past. Thanks for the advice!

  6. I appreciate your tip on checking with an official agency to find the best movers near you. I would imagine that finding someone who has a good rating on something like the BBB would be a good way to ensure that they will do a good job. My husband and I are moving next month so when we find a moving company we’ll be sure to check out their ratings before hiring them.

  7. I like your suggestion of asking as many questions as possible to a potential moving company. You are paying them for their services, so you need to know exactly what you are getting before you begin. Another great way to find out about their services is to look at their social media presence. If they are involved with clients through social media, they are probably pretty reputable as far as customer service goes. I know we’ll be doing as much research on a company as possible before we hire when we move next month.

  8. You stated that while local moving companies might be the best option for smaller moves, you will want to hire a national moving company for interstate moves. My brother and his family are moving into a new home next week and are trying to determine if need professional movers or not. Do most moving companies have different sized vehicles to help with any sized move? Hiring a professional moving company could be very helpful for their move. http://abestmovers.com/home.html

    1. It is definitely something to inquire about when hiring a moving company, but many companies will have a variety of different sized vehicles. Thank you for your question!

  9. Awesome tips. In my opinion, it’s always worth hiring a professional moving company. Changing locations is already stressful. Always better to let the pros handle packing, loading, and transporting. Thanks again for the helpful article! And love the ‘Friends’ references haha

  10. I like your suggestion on requesting an in-home estimate. That way, they know exactly what they are moving, so the price is more accurate. My husband and I are getting ready to move, so I’ll be sure to do that!

  11. This is a very helpful post and I appreciate that you have taken the time to write it.

    Tip 3 (verify the moving company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau) is very important.

    Additonally it makes sense to check the reviews of other people who have used the service of a particular
    moving company on online-portals such as Yelp.

    You probably tend to stay away from companies that have a large amount of negative reviews online on one hand.

    On the other hand you should not be looking for companies that have an unreal amount of positive reviews, because there are bound to be
    operational issues in any and every company.

    You want to find a middle ground when looking at reviews of the moving company.

    Reviews that look like they’ve been duplicated or are very generic, could be fake or paid reviews.

    Pay attention to how the company has chosen to respond to the negative review.

    Are they disregarding it, or seeking to understand and rectify the situation with the consumer?

    How they react to an upset customer speaks higher than the fact that they received a negative review.

  12. I need to move to a different town and need to hire a moving company. I didn’t know that you could request an in-home estimate to let you know how much their services would cost. I can see why this can be very useful when it comes to picking the best company. I will keep this in mind as I keep looking, Thank you for the tips.

  13. I agree that it is wise to get an estimate for how much your movers will charge. Having them come to your home to make the estimate seems like the best way to make sure that it is accurate. It could be a good idea to get estimates from multiple companies so that you can compare their services.

  14. I like that you suggest to ask for an in-home estimate. I can see why this would be nice so that you can budget in how much money you’ll need to pay them. My wife and I are going to need to hire a moving company to help us move some of our heavy furniture. I’ll have to ask the company we decide on if they can come over and give us an estimate.

  15. Thanks for information and tips, I will check all the rewievs about companies, I will make a list waht items I should move. Thank you very much again!

  16. You mentioned that you should ask for recommendations from family and friends for a moving company. I know that quite a few of my friends have moved, and I’m sure at least a couple of them have worked with a mover. If I could get their recommendation, I know that the movers did a good job and would probably provide me with that same quality of work.

  17. This is a great article on this topic. Finally, I got something awesome, hiring a mover saves you worry, hassle, and back-breaking labor and makes your move a much less stressful experience overall. With so many options, it’s hard to know which moving company is right for you. Hire a moving company this much helpful, excellent moving tips. Thanks for such post and keep it up.

  18. Getting multiple moving company quotes is a great way to start the moving process. When you are planning to move, hiring the right moving company is a big part of the process. I like the valuable information you provide for hire a moving company. This will boost the safety aspect as it will reduce the risk of you suffering any injury during the moving process. Moving companies take care of the heavy lifting, scheduling, and figuring for you. Thanks for sharing moving tips. Thank you very much again!

  19. Many times, people afraid to ask questions. And this is the biggest mistake they do. People who want to move their properties must understand the moving company’s plan, insurance type, licensing everything that comes to mind. Also they should not make last minute plan to pack their belongings because you can not pack them properly in the rush time and that might lead to damaging of the product. Even if the moving company will do everything from start to end, you should be involved in it for smooth operation.

  20. I love how you included some “Friends” gifs to your blog post! I agree with your 5th tip about asking questions. Sometimes I want to know more about what comes with the moving company, but I forget/choose not to ask. When I hire a company to help me move I’ll try to be more brave with asking questions.

  21. I think these could all be very useful when choosing a moving company. My wife wants to find a new home later this year, but dreads the thought of the whole moving process. I’m sure she’ll want to hire movers to handle most of the work, so we’ll be sure to take the article’s suggestion and ask friends or family for referrals on a good moving company. The article says that word-of-mouth referrals is the most sought after type of advertising, and I think I’d feel comfortable hiring someone based off that.

  22. Well, most of us need a moving service during time of relocation. It is just because it can be overwhelming and stressful but a little planning ahead of time can make the moving day less agonizing. Another thing is that though moving by own is always a great option but it is only for those have the ability, time and fortitude. So, I think it is a good idea to hire a moving company in order to make the transition smoother and stress free. So, I want to share some tips to choose the right moving company in the following.
    1)Ask friends and neighbors in order to get various recommendation.
    2)Determine the scope of the move.
    3)Check the review and rating is the listed sites.
    4)Verify the license and physical address before final selection. Etc
    Thanks for such lovely blog.

  23. My husband and I are getting ready to move into our first home, and are curious of what we should consider when finding a moving company to help us. One idea I like is for us trying to decide whether we are going to pack or have the moving company pack for us, which will really help us with figuring out our moving budget. One idea I would like to suggest is to look for a company that will off storage, just in case we have to move out of our current living space before our new house is ready. Thanks for all the different insight, and advice!

  24. My husband and I will be moving long distance soon. We want to make sure we have the right moving company to help us. Thanks for the suggestion to ask friends and family for recommendations in order to receive valuable feedback on their own personal experiences.

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