How to Market Your Restaurant Online

The restaurant industry in the United States is incredibly large, generating sales of more than $680 billion in 20141. While this number may not seem significant in the grand scheme of national spending, restaurant sales in 1970 totaled a paltry $42.8 billion2, showing a remarkable rise over the last 40 years, even with weighting for inflation. As the importance of food becomes further ingrained in our culture, the role of restaurants across America grows more significant.

Cuisine in the United States has evolved drastically over time, bringing a global edge and newmenu-restaurant-vintage-table trends to an industry that was, in its inception, fairly simplistic. The arrival of fast food, fast casual dining and foreign-inspired restaurants has driven this development, leading to new chains, unique dining models and rapid growth in the market. The current interest in organic, non-GMO food products has opened additional doors, as has the recent interest in craft brewing and local wineries.

While television advertising, radio spots and newspaper ads may have been the dominant form of advertising throughout history, digital marketing is far more prominent in the 21st century. Offering many affordable ways to reach millions of people with a few simple clicks, online channels can be extremely advantageous for restaurant owners looking to fill seats and increase sales. Restaurants that market online are able to stretch a small advertising budget further, creating a base of loyal fans and followers in a convenient, targeted way that is otherwise virtually impossible.

Marketing your restaurant online may require a new approach to making your business stand out from the crowd, but the right combination of methods can be extremely beneficial. There are numerous ways business owners and marketers can create a digital marketing strategy, but with the right focus, it’s possible to reduce your restaurant’s budget while increasing exposure, attracting more customers and driving revenue. To read about how you can create a digital marketing strategy for your restaurant, click here: The techniques within are valuable for restaurants of all styles and specialties, offering an opportunity to network with the online community, boost your local reputation and cultivate a dedicated base of patrons who can’t wait to dine with you again.



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