How Sponsorships and Partnerships Are Crucial for Success

Written by guest blogger Savannah Kimball, BBB Washington Outreach Manager.

We’ve all heard it. The customary phone call beginning with, “Would you be interested in guest blogger 3sponsoring my organization or cause?” Sponsorship offers may seem never-ending, but depending on your budget and marketing strategy, finding the right one can pay off. Sponsors need to understand how their money is being used, who it supports and how the investment is being measured.  At Better Business Bureau we consider all these factors when entering a partnership both as a contributor and as the author.

Savannah Kimball
Savannah Kimball

Here’s a glance of some of the upcoming sponsorships now available at BBB:

Putt-Putt Anyone?

Yes—you heard right, putt-putt golf! BBB is proud to announce its Mini Masters putt-putt golf tournament this December. The challenging indoor course will play host to 72 golfers at Tacoma’s Bass Pro Shops retail space. Add a little fun and adventure into your next golf outing, by manipulating your ball through the wildlife exhibit, networking with business professionals next to a 12-thousand gallon freshwater aquarium and showcasing your company in the 142,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.

This mega- event raises money for BBB Foundation which provides a $10,000 scholarship to a local high school graduating senior. Applicants compete by creating a 90-second video demonstrating how BBB helps people become smarter consumers. Last year’s $10,000 scholarship recipient was honored in front of more than 19,000 fans at halftime during a Portland Trail Blazers basketball game.

A Slam Dunk Partnership

Speaking of basketball, BBB is now seeking partners for the upcoming 2015-16 NBA season. Last year BBB and the Portland Trail Blazers entered into a partnership connecting BBB and its accredited businesses with 950,000 fans across the Northwest. With the support of our partners, BBB’s brand and mission was showcased in front of fans during every home game, on the radio and in the community. This year BBB is looking to expand it partnerships with enhanced features to make game nights more memorable for both businesses and BBB’s mission.

So as you think about new and creative ways to grow your business and expand your brand, consider investing in partnerships. Reach out to other companies that share the same mission as you and see how you could pool your resources into a mutually beneficial relationship. Two is definitely better than one and at times it has exponential results.

If you’re a BBB Accredited Business and want to join our partnerships, email us at We’d be happy to have you join our team.