How My Dream Wedding Gown Turned into a Nightmare

Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev |
Image courtesy of Rosen Georgiev |

I love to save money. So when it came time to buy my wedding dress, I was determined to get the deal of a lifetime.

My quest took me to the Internet where I dutifully typed in the designer and style number of the gown of my dreams. Immediately tons of search results filled my screen with prices that were incredibly cheap. All of a sudden, my $3,000 gown could be mine for a mere $400. Done! I entered my credit card information, name and address and hit the “Buy” button. The website warned me that it would take up to a month before my dress arrived. No problem—I’d placed the order well in advance, so I figured I had plenty of time.

Three months later, I was still waiting for my gown.

Panicked, I started emailing the company, asking when I would receive my dress. No response. I called and got the runaround—not to mention the language barrier that comes with buying from an online retailer overseas.

Then, by some miracle, the dress finally arrived at my doorstep. But my relief quickly vanished when I saw that the gown was stuffed into a dingy bag barely bigger than a freezer bag and smelled like a musty basement. Inside I found a cheap, counterfeit dress that looked nothing like the pictures of the gown I had seen online. The material was flimsy, the sewing was poorly done and it didn’t fit.

Sadly, it was too late for me to get another dress, and of course no one returned my calls when I tried to get a refund.

Learn from my mistake. Get your gown from a trusted bridal shop—or if you order online, do your research first and read reviews. I wish I had known back then that BBB has a list of Accredited Businesses specifically in the wedding industry. That would’ve saved me a lot of trouble and heartache.

Counterfeit gowns are just one of the many areas engaged couples need to beware of as they’re planning for their big day. You can read all about the latest wedding scams and how to avoid them here.

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