New Scam Targeting Soldiers with USAA Hits Instagram

Reposted from Guardian of Valor.

We received several emails about people on Instagram posing as Soldiers and telling others that they can make them a lot of money if they used USAA Banking. So we went to Instagram and reached out to one of these scammers just to see what they would say.

The person goes by the screen name ladyusaa, and claims her real name is Ciara Taylor and she is currently serving in the Army Reserves. So we looked up the name, and no one by that name is currently serving in the reserves. The account has several photos of a female, one in uniform, more than likely the photos are stolen.

We initiated contact by requesting to follow her on Instagram as her account is private, it took no time for her to approve and we noticed she had more than 3k followers. We took some snapshots of the account which you can see below.

We also found the photo of the female in uniform, which looks to be a legit Soldier, just doesn’t belong to the person running this account. I am sure someone will recognize this Soldier and let her know her photos have been stolen and used in a scam.

The account was full of screenshots of real USAA accounts with supposed deposits of different amounts. We blocked out the account numbers as we don’t know who these accounts belong to.

This person makes it a point to reach out to Military personnel, we initiated contact by sending a few direct messages through Instagram, they responded and asked us to text them.

The number itself comes back to a Sprint/NexTel phone out of Davenport, Iowa. So we played along and began texting them to get more information.

We stopped communicating when they asked for our Username and Password for our online USAA account. This scam is rampant on Instagram and Facebook at the moment, and yes people are falling for it. Never give your UN and PW to anyone for anything; USAA will also never ask you for that information. I am not exactly sure what these scammers are doing, whether its cleaning out the accounts, or depositing fake checks that later bounce causing the account to go negative.

If they have access to your account, they can use mobile deposit, deposit a fake check, then have you send them half of the money. Once the check bounces you are responsible for the amount plus overdraft charges.

Remember, nothing in this world is free! If it sounds to good to be true, it more than likely is! Share this around so we can make sure no one else falls for this scam.